Switching to Final Cut Pro X

I have been editing on Premiere for a while now, years really. But as I am working on pretty old hardware, and I am trying to use 4k footage from the Mavic Pro and the iPhone, as well as time-lapse footage from the Canon 6D MkII, I am seeing things get slower and slower. I have maxed out my old iMac as best I can with a new SSD, a Thunderbolt USB 3 adapter, and as much RAM as I can cram in it, but still, when I edit, or try to do more advanced adjustments, it gets really hard to manage. So I have decided to take the plunge and try using Final Cut Pro X instead of Premiere Pro CC. So far this has been a fun experiment, and my first major VLOG using FCPX was pretty good in my opinion, so I am excited to keep working on this. 

Joseph Blake