Hiking Calico Hills

Great time this weekend at Red Rock Canyon. The weather was amazing, and I got there early enough to get good parking and miss the crowds that roll in around 1pm. I had to stop at B&C Camera for a new DJI Spark battery as I lost it on my last outing. Once that was obtained I stopped to check all batteries, firmware, and cables and connections before I left cell range of Las Vegas and headed into the canyon. 

I took this oppertunity to not only shoot, but shoot with as many setups and configurations as I could. I used the iPhone for a lot of the VLog footage, but as the microphone on the iPhone is pretty poor, I opted for the Canon 7D Mk1 with a lav and boom mike on a hot-shoe when I could. The problem with the 7D Mk1 is that it is terrible (read: it does not do it at all) live-view auto-focus during video recording. So between the iPhone and the DSLR I tried to make due. All of that was a LOT of work though, so I am activly working on a solution. I also shot with the DJI Spark as much as I could, doing some fly-over, some follow-track and some tri-pod mode hover. The Spark is, to be honest, a pain. If the video is created was not amazing for being smaller than a box of tissues, I would not be using it. But the video is great. The problems I have with it are what others have as well: connectivity, battery life, stability. I also shot a lot of b-roll out there, more than I needed and I probably put more in this VLog than I needed to. But whatever... I also did very little color grading. I just didn't feel like I needed to. The story of the trip was intact without it. Also, I did some more face-to-camera shots that never materialized, so I will learn from this for sure. 

Lastly, this hiked kicked my but. This was one of the most physically demanding treks I have done in a while. It was good to push myself though. 

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Joseph Blake