Vegas can be anything to anyone

Vegas is an interesting place. You can get almost anything you want! It is a destination for millions (almost 1 billion in 2011) to head to the desert and have a crazy time. People are getting married, celebrating birthdays, on vacation, and attending conferences against the backdrop of this jewel in the middle of nowhere. It never ceases to amaze me when I am contacted for work from someone who is getting married, celebrating, or just relaxing and wanting some great pics to remember it all. What I find interesting is how in any other town their requests would seem odd. Who wants a photographer to follow you around on a random saturday? People who are in Vegas Baby!

Ive added a few new shots to Weddings and will be adding a few more to portraits, glamour, kids and will be adding a boudoir section soon to show some of my most recent work. 

Joseph BlakeComment