LOv Tumblr Photography by Joseph Blake

Some super amazing shots from around the Tumlbrsphere

Amazing New Underwater Shots by 500px All-Star Jeff Dotson by Joseph Blake

His surfing photos make me want to learn to surf so bad I start hearing waves in the middle of Manhattan, and lately he’s been taking some amazing underwater portraits that capture the sheer joy of the ocean like few photos we’ve seen.

Here’s a look at some of Jeff’s latest work, all uploaded within the last 19 days and all exceptional… without exception:

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15 Photography Cliches Everyone Hates by Joseph Blake

FStoppers has a great list of cliche photography techniques that we have all seen, and some of us are responsible for...

I am personally guilty of at least one of these...

3. Photographers with profile pictures taken in a mirror using a DSLR is probably the least professional thing you can do.

I guess I am going to need to change the picture on my contact page...

Checkout the list HERE for some chuckles.